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    Экзаменационные темы для УИТС И ПО, по Английскому языку
    06.06.2011, 17:57

    Data processing department.


    1.      There is a wide range of jobs available in the field of data processing: computer operator, programmer, systems analyst, the data processing manager.

    2.      The computer operator should be a reliable person because he is responsible for very expensive machines.

    3.      He should be mentally alert to cope with many problems and with emergency situations with different malfunctions.

    4.      The computer operator deals with the hard ware not with the soft ware.

    5.      But he must know the soft ware too.

    6.      His work is very complex.

    7.      Often programmers start their careers as computer operator and them slowly work their way up the leader.

    8.      The programmer should write programs to solve problems and write them clearly so that other programmer can understand them.

    9.      He deals with such programs as: compilers, assemblers, executives, operating systems and utility routines.

    10.  Systems programmer write the commercial programs in one of the high level languages.

    11.  Then programmer deal with either scientific or commercial problems.

    12.  The programmer starts as a trainee, them he is given apposition of a junior programmer and then to a senior programmer.

    13.  Systems analyst gives specifications of the problems to the programmers.

    14.  He must have good communicates skills, conversational abilities.

    15.  He examines the system modifications the weaknesses.

    16.  He also analyses problems outlines solution and them delegates them to the programmers.

    17.  The manager is a key person in the data processing up department.

    18.  He is a leader. Ну should have an active mind imagination, tact and the ability to control others.

    19.  He must remain calm and think clearly at times of crises.





    The Internet

    1.      Computer networks are collection of computers.

    2.      Networking has been developed on all levels from   local to international in divers sector of society.

    3.      Local – area networks have become wide – spread because personal computers and workstations are used extensively in offices.

    4.      For long – distance computers and local – area network to form a single, integrated network.

    5.      The best example of wide area networks is the Internet.

    6.      The Internet had its origin in the USA , it was established as a military experiment.

    7.      The Internet is based on a common addressing system and communication protocol called TCP/IP.

    8.      These are the rules, which determine the forms by which information may be exchanged between different systems.

    9.      Most of the Internet host computers are in US

    10.  The most popular Internet service is e-mail.

    11.  There are other popular service on the Internet: reading USENET News, using the World Wide Web, telnet, Skype, ICQ, FTP (file transfer protocol), gopher and bulletin boards.

    12.  Internet is very useful for communication.

    13.  Commercial users may be save money using the Internet, make money from the Internet.

    14.  Internet has got some problems. The most important one is security.

    15.  To conduct transactions or send a secret message the form of encoding must be used.










    Computer Application

    1.      Almost everything in modern world is dome with the help of computers.

    2.      Computers are applied in weather forecasting medicine, manufacturing and research.

    3.      Many people associate computers with the world of science and mathematics, but they are also a great help to scholars in other subject in history, in literature and so on.

    4.      A computer is a sort of artificial intelligence an electronic brain.

    5.      Never the less the computer is a date storage system created by man.

    6.      As a matter of fact computers do save a lot of energy and time.

    7.      The age of personal computers has come.

    8.      We have got computers at our University too.

    9.      Some of my friends have got computer at home.

    10.  My father has got it at his office.

    11.  So I’ve got some experience in the computers work.

    12.  The machine is programmed to process date fast and accurately.

    13.  The computers do a lot of useful operations: they do calculation, keep records notes, fact of the financial affairs, creates diagrams and drawings, process the results of the experiments.

    14.  The computer can compose music, play chess, and write poetry.

    15.  Computers games are very popular today. There are already up to 10000 different computers games in the world.

    16.  We’ll soon have to change our ideas of the world.

    17.  Nowadays computers help people everywhere

    18.  It is now possible for a scholar to find the book or an articles he needs very quickly.

    19.  You tell the computer which subject you are interested in and it produce any microfiche you need in second.

    20.  Also computer help the driver do keep the car and not it way on the route.

    21.  Who knows what the future may bring us!

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